Sunday, 10 June 2007

1st of June 2007 - International Art Exhibition for children

The International Art Exhibition organized by School nr. 5 from Baia Mare, Romania, started as an experiment. We were curious if anyone would be interested in participating in our project. So we sent an invitation on a Romanian teachers'online forum, and on several discussion groups. To our surprise, there were almost 400 teachers who answered our invitation. These teachers are from Romania, most of them, and from England (2 schools), Sweden, Poland, Turkey (2 schools), Kuwait and Ghana (an art academy).
There are some teachers from Greece, Nepal, China, Lebanon, Palestine, Mexic, others from Turkey and other countries, who would have liked to join our project, but they considered that their pupils' art works could not arrive at our school in time for the opening of the exhibition. So, at their request, we thought about organizing the 2nd edition of this exhibition.
We think it would be interesting to find partners from other art schools from Europe and start a project with European funding. Because art is an international language and a very good tool for intercultural education.
We hope we can find the right partners for such a beautiful project.
When using the Internet to communicate, our world seems such a small place!
It's so nice to be able to talk to people from different parts of the world as if they were close, not thousands of miles away!
If you like our project, please leave comments. We need all the feedback we can get.
And maybe we can also find partners for the project.
See you online.

1st of June International Art Exhibition

1st of June is the International Children's Day, according to UNESCO.
1st of June is, thus, a day of celebration. We celebrate our children.
1st of June was, this year, another moment of celebration: the opening of the International Art Exhibition that was organized by Scoala cu clasele I-VIII nr.5 from Baia Mare, Romania. The exhibition was organized for the children; the exhibits are art works made by children.
It is a unique art exhibition in our region because our school is not a special art school. And because teachers from other countries responded our invitation, not only from Romania. There are art works from children from England, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Kuwait and Ghana.
There are also other teachers from such countries as Greece, China, Nepal, Lebanon, Mexic, etc, who would have liked to participate, but they could not send their pupils' work in time for the exhibition. So they will be able to participate in the 2nd edition that will be organized next year.
The people present at the opening said that the exhibition was very successful, considering that there were almost 400 teachers who answered our invitation and sent their pupils' art work for this event. There are more than 1500 exhibits on display: drawings, paintings, toys, fashion design, photos, etc.
Children's creativity is always surprising. There is a wide range of styles in which the children expressed their ideas and feelings. One can only wonder at the beauty children can create.
The objectives of our project are: promoting our pupils' creativity and their cultural values, and thus promoting intercultural education. And this is because , in our school, there are children from different ethnic groups. But children are not discriminated in our school on the basis of their ethnic or social group, on their religion or other issues. They are treated equal. And we try to teach them tolerance and acceptance of those who are different , because we believe that different is good, it makes life more interesting. And we also believe that there are no major differences between the children from different countries, having different religions and different cultural values. And this art exhibition proves this.