Monday, 18 August 2008

8th of April international art exhibition "At school and in life, always together"

2008 Has been declared by the European Comission the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

Scoala "Vasile Alecsandri" from Baia Mare, Romania, is a multicultural school, as the children attending our school come from the Romanian, Rroma and Hungarian ethnic groups.
We are proud that our pupils have demonstrated again that they can live and learn together and that they want to share their ideas and their cultural values with their peers from Romania and other countries.
This has been shown through the organization of the 2nd edition of our international intercultural art exhibitions.
The fist one we organized this year was to celebrate the International Rroma people's Day on the 8th of April.
It was a moment when the children attending our school gathered to celebrate together.
We opened the International art exhibition "At school and in life, always together".
We had many guests: Mr. Cristian Anghel, the Mayor of our city, a very busy man, found the time to honour us with his presence and join us in our celebration. There were representatives from the Maramures county School Inspectorate, Mr. Dragomir Ignat, form other Institutions, from our project partners from the Association Caritas, from other NGOs, the local Police, from the Rroma political party, parents, and representatives of the mass media.
Our guests also enjoyed the short dance show that the "Rroma starlets" dance group from our school put on show for the occasion. and, of course, everyone enjoyed watching the beautiful art exhibits on display in our exhibition.
Children from different parts of Romania sent their art works to our exhibition, as well as children from Sweden and India.
On this occasion we have started a collaboration with the India Inter-Continental Cultural Association (Regd.)Chandigarh (India). We hope that in future we can establish a good collaboration with this association and with schools from Chandigarh, India.

After the official opening of the celebration in our school, the "Rroma starlets" dance group participated in a festival organized by the local organization of the Rroma political party, held in the center of the city.
You can see some photos in the photo albums attached.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

The second edition of our art exhibitions-2008

2008 is considered by the European Commission the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.
Our school promotes the intercultural dialogue by various means: through dialogues between children from Romanian and Rroma ethnic groups on different topics, according to their age and interests, by promoting their cultural values through the two school magazines: "Margaritare" ("Pearls") and "Stelute rrome" ("Rroma Starlets"), by organizing art exhibitions with our pupils' art works, as well as art works made by children from other parts of Romania and other countries in the world, by promoting their traditional music and dance through participating in song and dance shows on different occasions, etc.
Last year we started a project on intercultural dialogue, which was very successful. Our pupils worked in the two creative clubs, and as final products they published the two school magazines: "Margaritare" ("Pearls") and "Stelute rrome" (Rroma Starlets") and they participated in many partnerships, local, national and international ones (for example the Comenius school partnership "Junior inventors",
Last but not least, we organized three art exhibitions for them in order to improve their self-esteem and motivation: the art exhibtion for the 8th of April - the International day of the Rroma people, the art exhibition for Easter, which was also in April, and the International art exhibition for the 1st of June - the International Children's Day, according to the UNESCO.
These three art exhibitions I'm talking about were so successful, that our friends who participated, asked us to organize this year the second edition. So now we are working hard to do that.
Thus, as we have some pupils of Rroma ethnic group, on the 8th of April we celebrate their day and we'll officially open the art exhibition entitled "At school and in life - always together" where pupils from our school, as well as from other Romanian schools will exhibit their works. What is new is the fact that this year we'll have participants of Rroma ethnicity from a school from India.
On the 14th of April we'll open the art exhibition called "The light of Resurrection" by which we want to celebrate Easter. Pupils from different parts of Romania will exhibit their beautiful works in our exhibition. Something else new this year will be the fact that our school has changed its name and it now bears the name of a famous Romanian poet and playwright, Vasile Alecsandri, who lived in the 19th century, and who was the first landlord of the time to free the Gypsies (actually known as Rroma people) from their slavery. For this occasion we are organizing a national conference "Vasile Alecsandri - between culturality and interculturality" where teachers from Romania will present their research on the poet's life and work. One of the approaches to his work will be the art exhibition depicting his poetry.
The last exhibition in our "pearl" string of art, is the one organized to celebrate Children's Day. It is another moment when our pupils can exchange ideas, information on their cultures and feelings through visual art. It is another moment of intercultural exchanges, as there will be many art works from students from Romania and other countries, not only from Europe, but from other continents also.
We welcome all our friends to join us in our project.